Setting up your RLBox environment.

RLBox currently spans two repositories. One that contains just the RLBox C++ framework which you can grab with:

git clone

The other, which contains the RLBox plugin for Wasm files compiled with the wasm2c compiler (which converts your C library to an isolated and sandboxed version), can be grabbed with:

git clone

This repo contains the plugin, a wasm runtime (and very limited wasi runtime), and pulls down a copy of the wasi-sdk, the wasm2c compiler, and the rlbox framework as part of its build process, providing a single location for all our tools, which is handy for example purposes and getting started.

Many folks prefer to do a system wide or per-user install of the wasi-sdk and RLBox. The latest releases of the wasi-sdk (which will given you everything you need to compile your library from C to wasm) be found here.

Quick Install

To quickly install the RLBox repo, you can run the following:

git clone
cd rlbox
cmake -S . -B ./build -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release
cmake --build ./build --config Release --parallel
cd build && sudo make install

To quickly install the rlbox tools repo, which includes everything you will need for the tutorial you can run the following:

git clone
cd rlbox_wasm2c_sandbox
cmake -S . -B ./build
cmake --build ./build --target all

More detailed setup instructions can be found in the README of each repo.